Alice zhang

writing some blogs

Owl City, writing some wonderful songs, listening his music ,i can forget all unhappy things, deeply immersed in his beautiful song ! !


Adam Young (Owl City) was an almost accidental artist, never intending to be as famous as he is. He started writing electro-pop music as a young adult in his parents’ basement as a way to fight his insomnia, and uploaded it to MySpace to share with his friends and others. People loved Young’s music so much that he decided to release his first album, titled “Of June”. This album was later followed by “Maybe I’m Dreaming”, and both albums earned the top fifteen in the Billboard Electronic Albums chart. The attention he received for these albums also attracted the attention of Avery and Monte Lipman, presidents of Universal Republic.
Young’s next album, and probably the most popular, is titled “Ocean Eyes”. The most popular song on this album is “Fireflies”, which reached number one on various music charts all over the world.
Most of Young’s music is inspired by whimsical fantasies thought up while laying awake in bed at night, suffering from insomnia. He does have a few songs about entering reality, the most noted being “The Real World”. Other songs of his reflect his Christian faith, the most evident being the song “Galaxies” on the album “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, Young’s most recent album.



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