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How to Write a Press Release ?

A press release is a written statement to the media. It can announce a range of news items, including scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, etc. It can also be used to generate a feature story. Reporters are more likely to consider a story idea if they first receive a press release. It is a fundamental tool of PR work, one that anyone who’s willing to use the proper format can use. We’ll show you how.

Method 1 of 2: Making it Pop

Write a genuine headline. It should be brief, clear and to the point: an ultra-compact version of the press release’s key point. Plenty of PR professionals recommend writing your headline at the end, after the rest of the release is written. If you follow that instruction, continue on and come back to writing the headline once the rest is done. The headline is known as the eye-catcher and is very important to the whole release.

  • wikiHow recognized as most reliable information source. See how that works? Now you want to know more! News release headlines should have a “grabber” to attract journalists, just as a newspaper headline is meant to grab readers. It may describe the latest achievement of an organization, a recent newsworthy event, a new product or service.
  • Headlines written in bold! A bold headline also typically uses a larger font size than the body copy. Conventional press release headlines use the present tense and exclude “a” and “the”, as well as forms of the verb “to be” in certain contexts.
  • First word capitalized. As are all proper nouns. Most headline words appear in lower-case letters, although using a stylized “small caps” font style can create a more graphically news-attractive look and feel. Do not capitalize every word.
  • Extract important keywords. The simplest method to create the press release headline is to extract the most important keywords from your press release. From these keywords, try to frame a logical and attention-getting statement. If including a summary sentence after the headline, the same rules apply. Using keywords early will give you better visibility in search engines, and it will be simpler for journalists and readers to get the idea of the press release content. Look at the actions in this first step, and notice how every one of them could be a press release headline.

2 Write the body copy. The press release should be written as you want it to appear in a news story. And remember this: most journalists are very busy, and don’t have time to research your company’s big announcement, so much of what you write for your press release will be what the journalists use in their writeup of your big event. Whatever you want them to say, this is where you put it.

  • Start with the date and city in which the press release originates. The city may be omitted if it will be confusing –– for example if the release is written in New York about events in the company’s Chicago division.
  • The lead, or first sentence, should grab the reader and say concisely what is happening. For example, if the headline is “Careen Publishing releases new WWII novel,” the first sentence might be something like, “Carpren Publishing, Ltd., today released their first World War II novel by celebrated writer Darcy Kay.” It expands the headline enough to fill in some of the details, and brings the reader further into the story. The next one to two sentences should then expand upon the lead.
  • The press release body copy should be compact. Avoid using very long sentences and paragraphs. Avoid repetition and overuse of fancy language and jargon. Strive for simplicity, and no wasted words.
  • The first paragraph (two to three sentences) should sum up the press release, and the additional content must elaborate it. In a fast-paced world, neither journalists, nor other readers, would read the entire press release if the start of the article didn’t generate interest.
  • Deal with actual facts –– events, products, services, people, targets, goals, plans, projects. Try to provide maximum use of concrete facts. This is news. A simple method for writing an effective press release is to make a list of following clarifications: Who, what, when, where, why, and how.


3 Communicate the “5 W’s” (and the H) clearly. Who, what, when, where, why ––and how–– should tell the reader everything they need to know. Consider the checklist in context with the points below, using the example above to generate our press release:

  • Who is this about? Carpren Publishing.
  • What is the actual news? Carpren Publishing is releasing a book.
  • When does this even happen? Tomorrow.
  • Where does this even take place? In all major markets, tomorrow.
  • Why this is news? It was written by renowned author, Arcy Kay.
  • How is this happening? The main event is at a book signing in Chicago, followed by a book tour to all the major metropolitan areas.
  • With the basics defined, fill in the gaps with information about the people, products, items, dates and other things related with the news.
  • If your company is not the main subject of the news, but is the source of the press release, make it clear in the body.
  • Keep it short and to the point. If you are sending a hard copy, the text should be double-spaced.
  • The more newsworthy you make the press release copy, the better the chances of it being selected by a journalist for reporting. Find out what “newsworthy” means to a given market and use this knowledge to hook the editor or reporter.

4 Make it clean, crisp, and applicable to your audience. Odds are whoever you sent your press release to has a dozen just like it in his/her inbox just waiting to be ignored. If you want yours to be chosen, it’s got to be good. Not only does it have to be good, but it has to be as close to “ready for press” as possible.

  • When an editor looks at your piece, he/she is thinking, from the first second, about how long it’s going to take them to get it to print. If your work is full of errors, lacking content, or just needs to be revived, they’re not going to waste their time. So make sure you have good grammar, all the basics, and have something to write about.
  • Why should these people care what you have to say? If you’re sending it to the right audience, it’ll be obvious. If you’re not, well, why are you wasting your time? Give the right people a piece of news (news, not advertising) and you’re on the right track.
  • They’ll care more if you send it in the morning. That gives them time to pad your piece into what they’re already working on. Be considerate.

5 Tie it together. Provide some extra information links that support your press release. Does the company you’re selling have additional information online that readers may find useful? Great. Add it in.

  • If you’re nervous about what you’ve got, do some research on what’s already out there. Someone probably wrote something on an event just like the one you’re covering. PR Web[1] and PR Newswire[2] are good places to start.


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Sewco Toys——I learn a lot in this company, I love Barbie dolls, Mickey Mouse and other toys, have very good memories in Zhongshan !!

barbie doll

About Sewco

Every piece of toy is the proud brainchild of a passionate toymaker. Every toymaker deserves the best service and the peace of mind.

For 30 years, Sewco has helped hundreds of toymakers bring inspiring products to the world. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Sewco is a supplier of plastic, electronic and plush items to the world’s top toy brands, including Mattel, Fisher Price and Bandai.

Sewco hires 4,000 to 7,500 skilled operators at its main manufacturing plant in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Its in-house physical and chemical laboratory offers customers unparalleled support in quality assurance and control. Sewco is certified for ICTI’s Seal of Approval, C-TPAT, and CCC for shipment within China.


Sewco Toys website:



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How to become a Marketo partner?

There are two paths you could pursue.

1)            Certified Services Partner. For this one, you would need to enroll in our certification course, next one occurring in July 2014. On certification you can then service Marketo accounts from a technical perspective. Will be with an extra cost

2)            Referral Partner. No upfront cost but you must refer us 2 leads that we close before you can become a referral partner.

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Marketo,请求式营销软件公司,成立于2006年,现任CEO为菲尔·费尔南德斯(Phil Fernandez,联合创始人之一)Marketo公司于2013年5月17日登陆纳斯达克,IPO发行价13美元,发行610万股股票,融资7900万美元。
Marketo是“公司500强”名单上排名第一的营销软件供应商,且最近已被《福布斯》杂志评选为“美国最有前途的公司”之一。另外,在2011和2012年连续两年的时间里,《CRM 杂志》将Marketo评为“最佳营销方案提供商”,而Salesforce 等客户也将“基于AppExchange的最佳营销自动化解决方案”颁给该公司。


2013年04月03日:Marketo公开向SEC提交上市申请文件,计划融资7500万美元,计划将在纳斯达克上市,代码MKTO。高盛和瑞士信贷将作为本次公开发行承销商,目前暂未公布发行价区间,该公司于2013年2月25日秘密提交了IPO申请。参与公司此前融资的风险投资方包括:InterWestPartners(IPO前持股34%),Storm Ventures (持股18%),MayfieldFunds (持股14%), Institutional Venture Partners (持股13%) , Battery Venture。



Apple said to be working with MasterCard and Visa for mobile wallet


The Apple event rumors are coalescing into a more coherent picture that indicate Apple planning to put Near Field Communication chips inside next-generation iPhones for a mobile wallet effort. The latest rumor is from Bloomberg, which quotes a source saying that the hardware giant is working with MasterCard, Visa and American Express on a payments platform around the NFC chip reported to be in the phone.

The goal, according to Bloomberg is to ready a mobile payments platform built around NFC in the upcoming iPhone to launch at the Sept. 9 [company]Apple[/company] event. While, every year, we seemingly hear of NFC launching in the anticipated iPhone, my colleague Kevin Tofel has written about how the looming transition to higher security payments that require using a password and chip inside cards in the U.S., and the utility of NFC’s tap-to-pair in a world of increasing connected devices, mean that Apple…

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