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The dark horse rises: Could Yik Yak be the real winner among anonymity apps?


While the tech community was frothing and fretting over the likes of Secret and – to a lesser extent – Whisper earlier this year, a dark cloud was brewing out east. Unbeknownst to most of Silicon Valley, a Georgia-based anonymity app called Yik Yak was building a devoted following on college campuses, growing virally through word of mouth much like Facebook did.

With that power came problems, akin to what Whisper and Secret were dealing with, but with a healthy added dose of adolescent angst, pranks, and cruelty. College attack and bomb threats. Rampant, nasty gossip on high school campuses. Revenge porn sharing. The tech scene may not have been paying much attention, but as the adolescents of America got sucked into Yik Yak’s addictive grasp, the rest of the country started to notice.

The Today Show called it “the new home of cyberbullying.” “How do you solve a problem like…

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