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Fashion & Textiles – Laser Cutting Fabric

Try our unique and specialized laser cutting fabric for the fashion industry. Test a huge amount of fabric samples and produce any quantities you need of your garment designs. We’ll work with you to get in just right!

You know the intricate, elegant, classic pattern found on your grandma’s doilies? Imagine that design as an item of clothing. That is laser-cut design.

Laser-cut” has become a buzzword in the world of industrial design and fashion. Many contemporary objects from computers to clothing have been touched by the process, and its popularity continues to grow the more we discover about it’s potential.

The term is exactly what it sounds like, using a laser rather than a blade to cut into a surface. The benefits include a cleaner, accurate cut, as well as a higher quality of finish.

So how does laser cutting play into the fashion industry specifically?

It’s an interesting, modern hybrid between the concept of cutwork lace and the clean aesthetic of screen-printing.

If you’re looking to design laser cut textiles, there are a few basics to consider in terms of the outcome:

  • Laser cutting works best on synthetic fabrics; the plastics in these textiles melt during the process, resulting in a sealed, perfect edge that won’t fray.
  • Natural fabrics on the other hand, are slightly singed by the heat of the laser, holding the fibers in place.
  • This generally results in a discoloration at the edge of the cut, which, depending on the desired outcome can be a con or a welcomed design element.
  • However, adjustments can be made depending on the fabric and the strength of the laser to potentially eliminate any marks.